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Kevin "red shoes" McNamee

Make a Great City
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Proud of our city Thousand Oaks - Re-elect Kevin McNamee for City Council 2024

Proud of our city Thousand Oaks - Re-elect Kevin McNamee for City Council 2024

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Kevin's Priorities

Photo of a homeless man sitting on the street holding a sign "Homeless Please Help"

Reduce City and

County Homeless


Kevin "red shoes" McNamee Thousand Oaks City Council has been engaging with many homeless individuals at our city’s free clinic and those living in tents near my clinical practice by Lutheran Social Services on Moorpark Road has given me profound insights into their struggles and the challenges they face in escaping homelessness.

Our city’s faith-based and service organizations have been instrumental in addressing the immediate needs of the homeless, often more efficiently than government services.

While essential services that meet immediate needs are crucial, they only sustain individuals without providing a pathway to a purpose-filled, self-reliant life. We need innovative solutions that promote self-reliance rather than dependency.

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Water Sustainability

and Reuse

Our cities must take action, as the state legislature in Sacramento is not. Ventura County cities are on their own to find solutions.

A creative and economically viable solution, supported by back-of-the-envelope calculations, could provide a continuous revenue stream for infrastructure.

An innovative approach to reduce dependence on imported water is to redirect the ultra-pure wastewater effluent back to Calleguas for reuse. This strategy could save Thousand Oaks residents $11.4 million annually, lowering the average homeowner’s water bill by $600 each year.

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Retail worker with the pallet lift moving a stack of bags from under a storage shef.

Buinesses and

Job Growth

Thirty percent of our businesses shut down due to Covid-19, never to reopen.  We must support the businesses that provide jobs in our community.

Recently, business have faced a wave of predatory lawsuits targeting those unknowingly violating the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). These lawsuits result in significant financial penalties without giving businesses a chance to correct the violations. 


I am committed to supporting both our disabled residents and local businesses that provide jobs to Thousand Oaks. 

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